Boutique & Experiential Stay Collection

Alsisar Mahal, Alsisar Town

The 17th century battle hardened Alsisar Mahal stands tall with its fabulous grandeur and exudes a glorious history that the natives are proud of. An unparalleled gateway to witness the famed “havelis” (mansions) of Shekhawati, Alsisar Mahal bears jaw dropping frescoes, grand courtyards, magnificent dining arcades and flattering heritage rooms and suites; each speaking with full-throated ease about the richness of royal Rajasthani hospitality. Each of the 51 well equipped super deluxe air-conditioned rooms bears a testimony to the indulgent lifestyle and grandness of Rajasthan’s erstwhile royalty. The wood paneling on doors and alcoves complete with original artwork creates an aura of royal Rajasthani charm and the imperial lifestyle. Handpainted walls and ceilings, rich furnishings and fine tapestry complemented by calming views make the living in these rooms a very special retreat.

Malji Ka Kamra, Churu

Malji ka Kamra is a century old, restored mansion (haveli) in town of Churu, on the edge of Shekhawati region in Rajasthan. The turquoise blue, wedding cake like tiered structure is an architectural marvel – a unique combination of Shekhawati’s famous fresco paintings with European pillared architecture, Italian art-deco influences and Mughal style doors and arches. The 12-room property works as a unique gateway to discover Shekhawati’s “havelis” (mansions). Churu’s havelis, quiet and unhustled as they are, serve as a fresh breath of air and take you to a different era of artistic beauty. At the same time, there is much to discover in town making it one of the best Rajasthan experiences – if your idea of a travel involves knowing the people, their story and culture.

Roop Niwas Kothi, Nawalgarh

Founded in 1737 A.D by Thakur Nawal Singhji the warrior statesman whose renown is enshrined in history and folklore, the town of Nawalgarh boasts of the largest number of havelis in comparison to any other town in Shekhawati. Roop Niwas Kothi is an ideal base to see the havelis and explore the colourful bazaars but staying here is an unique experience in itself as within the hotel, with its serene atmosphere and old world charm you will find yourself living the slow pace of the times long gone and when you step out you will witness the frenzied pace of life where the small town of Nawalgarh is running to keep pace with the rest of India, its frescoed havelis standing proudly in the background, reluctant to let go of the past. Rooms are spacious, cozy and are well furnished with beautifully carved furniture and with all the modern amenities. It is adorned with a rare collection of old photographs and miniature paintings. Visit here to get a feel of the times of yore, to let yourself unravel in the peaceful ambience and to experience the true essence of Rajasthan’s hospitality.