A romantic destination, nestled beside the majestic Lake Pichola. You get to realize the true opulence of the maharajas and their lifestyle. The cluster of palaces and their location were chosen to compliment the seasons, so you have a summer palace, a monsoon palace, and main palace which holds the most panoramic of views. Narrow lanes with bustling street vendors, miniature painting artists who are painstakingly keeping the art alive, museums galore to get you a glimpse of the lifestyle of the rulers of the bygone era.


  • A sunset cruise on Lake Pichola, a memory for life. Pass through Jag Mandir, Lake Palace and a small island temple now in ruins.
  • Relax at the ghat by Bagore – ki- Haveli, which featured on the Bond film “Octopussy”.
  • Horse riding safari on the rural countryside trails.
  • Cycling JOURNEYS around the local farmlands.
  • Spend the day with a miniature painter, learning the art.
  • Take a rural train safari, travel for a short distance with the shepherds.
  • Visit a traditional local well, which still brings water to neighboring villages.
  • Have a cooking demonstration, learning about the fiery intricacies of Rajasthani cuisine.
  • A scenic sundowner, from a panoramic location on the hill side. Ideal for a special occasion.
  • A paradise for birdwatchers, visit Sajjan Garh Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Have a look at vintage cars, many enthusiasts have a stunning private collection on display.