Old world charm meets New world order. Delhi is the capital city of India and is a great introduction to the contrasts that set the theme for India. A Diverse cultural hub, you have a sensory overload at hand. Imprints of the bygone Mughal and British empire intermingle with the bustling energy of the metropolis.


  • Explore the bustling streets of Old Delhi, weaving through the organised chaos either by foot, on a bicycle or on India’s national transport – the cycle rickshaw! There are many themed walking JOURNEYS to choose from which will take you through an element of the rich history of Delhi.
  • Sign up for an early morning cycling tour through Old Delhi. Experience the city as it wakes up.
  • Local haunts that define the lifestyle of the city – best restaurants to sample the gastronomic delights of North India cuisine, bohemian quarters of Haus Khas and the more rustic Pahaj Ganj neighborhood.
  • A mesmerizing live “Qawali” session at Nizamuddin Dargah.
  • Volunteer at the “Open Kitchen” at Bangla Sahib. A humbling experience, as you assist volunteers with the preparation of lunch. The open kitchen feeds over 15,000 people in a single day!
  • Take a walk around the Old Delhi railway station with volunteers from Salaam Baalak Trust. The non-profit supports street and working children in the inner regions of Delhi.