Luxury Hotel Collection

Taj Swarna

Taj Swarna, Amritsar captures the spirit of the city in all its glory, embodying the history, art, culture and vibrancy of Punjab with contemporary flair. The hotel pays tribute to local arts and crafts while bringing forth a global perspective to its edifice and the experiences created within. Be it a room or a suite, each fuses contemporary sophistication and old-world Indian opulence with subtle charm. Gastronomically speaking, Taj Swarna, Amritsar serves up a multitude of delicacies, flavors and aromas, palate pleasure seekers are in for a sensorial symphony. From Grand Trunk, an all-dining experience that promises to delight every palate, to authentic oriental fare at The Chinese Room and rare single malts, boutique rums and exotic Cuban cigars at The Peg, dining at Taj Swarna, Amritsar promises to whet your appetite and your senses.

Deluxe Hotel Collection

Hyatt Amritsar

Hyatt Amritsar, a modern 5-star deluxe hotel in Amritsar is located at a convenient distance from The Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib). Hyatt Amritsar welcomes business & leisure travelers to enjoy world class hospitality along with historical wonders the city has to offer. Hyatt Amritsar offers 248 elegantly appointed guestrooms including suites which are on the highest floor of the hotel to ensure panoramic views of the city. Rooms have a sleek contemporary design with the highest levels of comfort. They have set a benchmark of excellence for traditional Indian cuisine dining and offers an exceptional range of dining options.

Boutique & Experiential Stay Collection

Ranjit’s Svaasa

Ranjit's SVAASÁ, is a well-kept secret in the Holy City of Amritsar. Tucked away within the skylines of old tress and decadent arches, this intimate boutique haveli is housed in an aristocratic red brick colonial manor with a family history of 250 years. A humble yet elegant family-run haveli, the styling and art across the haveli is designed loving by the family. With over three generations of hospitality behind them, it is their pleasure to have every guest enjoy the SVAASÁ touch.