Pushkar, a small lakeside town famous for the iconic Camel Fair. Ideally located between Jaipur & Udaipur, the drive to Pushkar will delve you deeper into Rajasthan’s famed semi-arid Thar Desert. Pushkar is also one of the important pilgrim sites for Hindus. One of the marked influences of the religion is that the entire township is vegetarian.


  • During the eight-lunar month of the Hindu calendar, cattle and camel owners across Rajasthan come to Pushkar in masses to take part in the Pushkar Camel Fair.
  • A kaleidoscope of festivities, trade, song & dance, prayers engulf the Pushkar fair grounds.
  • Pushkar is ideal for a leisurely camel safari trail through rustic rural countryside.
  • Dazzling bohemian bazaar, selling leather and woven goods and crafts.
  • An eclectic mix of cuisine, that gets creative with vegetarian ingredients.
  • Stunning sunsets on the many ghats surrounding the lake.
  • Have a traditional temple ceremony at one of the numerous temples at Pushkar, understanding the nuances and steps involved in the “Pooja”.
  • Visit the Brahma Temple, the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the world.
  • Visit “Kickassco”, a local artist famous for his colorful depiction of Gods and Goddesses on canvas.