Boutique & Experiential Stay Collection

Nimmu House

Nimmu House is a charming eco-resort situated at 45 minutes of Leh, capital of Ladakh, and nestled at 10,000 feet in the traditional village of Nimmu. The ideal anchor sport for trekkers who explore the Himalayan paths or travellers willing to discover the cultural jewels of the region, Nimmu House is also a relaxing place where one can reconnect with himself and recharge his batteries! Couples, families, groups of friends or solo travellers, everyone enjoys the traditional beauty and the exceptional setting of this little Himalayan heaven.The house was built in the past Century for a cousin of the King of Ladakh and is regarded as an emblematic heritage of the region. Therefore, its owners and the villagers greeted with high enthusiasm the idea born in 2012 to convert it into a charming boutique hotel so as to ensure its preservation, boost the local economy and allow travellers to discover and immerse into the authentic Ladakhi culture. Between the apricot trees and the golden mountains you will find at Nimmu House unique accommodation that combines modern comfort with Ladakhi traditions, healthy meals prepared with fresh and local products, a vast panel of experiences ranging from trekkings and rafting to yoga, culture or family activities, and ultimately an exceptionally relaxing and convivial atmosphere.

Ule Ethnic Resort

Set at the cliff bank of river Indus, 70 Kilometers into Sham valley is the village of Ule Tokpo. The village is home to the family running Ule Ethnic resorts since 1974. A premier property, Ule Ethnic resort is set amidst apricot and apple orchards and is built and managed on principles of sustainable tourism in Ladakh. By using small micro hydro plants for power generation and solar water heaters, this family run resort consumes only 40 % of conventional energy as its operational power consumption. Known for the panorama of its setting and the traditional family run hospitality at the resort, Ule Ethnic resort has stood unmatched in its services for almost 40 years now. Ule Ethnic resort has 31 canvas huts and 15 Independent Cottages/ Chalets. The resort opens to the great Indus River in the Himalayas that was instrumental in the setting up of the Indus Valley civilization and there is an opening at the resort that opens to the river bank just a walk through the resort.

Saboo Resorts

Peppered with fragrant little herbs gardens and spectacular 360-degree views, the Saboo Resorts is your cradle of luxury nestled in the quaint Saboo Village. Located in the lap of Zanskar Range in Ladakh, The Resort is just 7Kms from Leh town, allowing you access to the bustling town and at the same time just a step away from the Ladakh village life. Fifteen cozy cottages blend into local landscape, each with its own living room and exclusively private verandah overlooking the Stok Kangri, Stok Range, farm fields and several glacier-melt rivers.

Stok Palace Heritage Hotel

Built entirely by the Ladakhi craftsmen in 1820, the Stok Palace still continues to be a snug abode for the Namgyal dynasty. The Namgyal dynasty traces its origin to its founder –Lhachen Palgygon as early as 10th century. You are entering a historical property and the Palace stands 195 years old. The Stok Palace was opened to public in 1980 with blessings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and since it’s been over a decade and visitors continues to pour from all over the World. It encapsulates and reflects the lifestyle and history of Royalties set in the midst of the valley of Singey Sangpo which is known more popularly as Indus River. Preserved from urbanity, this pristine natural landscape allows you to relax in serene atmosphere, pregnant with the delicious aroma of the country side and amazing views all around and takes the visitors through the imagery experience, detailing the softness of Snow, the brilliance of sunlight, billowing clouds, wandering pathways, and picturesque local architecture. As with anything embracing the grandeur and beauty of nature, the landscapes achieve a sense of timelessness; they envelop the echoes and silence of eons gone by. So come and enjoy the fine dining experience prepared from the family kitchen products coming from the local market and village. You can enjoy the pleasures of healthy and natural Ladakhi, Tibetan and Indian food.

Lchang Nang Retreat

Ladakh, the land of the high passes, is situated among the most stunning parts of the Indian Himalayas. North of Leh, Ladakh’s capital, nestles the Nubra Valley, a beautiful enclave cradled by rugged mountains. Here, surrounded by the most spectacular Himalayan landscape, lies a piece of heaven called Lchang Nang, the House of Trees. Just as its name suggests, Lchang Nang is set amidst an orchard of elm, apricot, and apple trees, further blessed by the continuous flow of the Siachen river rushing past its western boundary. Lchang Nang is a destination created for travellers in search of peace and tranquility. Combining comfort and simplicity, it pays homage to its local heritage via its links to the local community and the local culture. Cocooned in snug Himalayan silences, sleep comes blissful here. 17 individual cottages, created in the local architectural style using mud, stone and poplar, are accessed through a footpath. Each cottage connects to a private garden and sit-out. White distressed walls and black oxide floors offer a soothing contrast to the wooden ceiling. Contemporary furniture features quiet elegance, complemented by handpicked rugs and soft furnishings, inducing the weary traveller to relax and give in to restful contemplation.

The Hermitage at Pangong

The Hermitage at Pangong is a premier camp situated in Maan Village, alienated from the recent uprising of commercialization at the lake. The isolated and illusive setting of the campsite flaunts a fabled visage, with 8 premier eco-friendly yurts constructed in a spatial semi-circle, each one overlooking the deep, alluring azure of the lake. The sound of the waves endure an elusive calm as the jagged, velvet peaks rest on the periphery, creating a geological wonder that renders you in a momentary lapse of being present in the world. Designed to induce a sense of rejuvenating calm, the yurts are replete with the quintessential view of the lake directly from the comfort of your bed. A remote retreat, uninterrupted by the world, where you can discard the urban haste and shed the shackles of main stream tourism to explore luxury, experience liberation and ecological camping at one of the most striking and isolated destinations in the world.