Kerala - this green haven situated on India’s Malabar Coast was once a key jewel in the historic Spice Route. In Kerala you will trace a blend of Portuguese, Dutch, British, Chinese and Arab imprints in the heritage townships. Contemporary Kerala, you’ll find has a heady rhythm. Exotic sunsets cradled in the Arabian Sea horizon, crisp white sand beaches, and a cultural starburst. You will get to form beautiful polaroid frames in your mind of heritage architecture and calming backwater trails.

To breakdown, Kerala’s major highlights are Kochi – central city close to the heritage towns of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry, Periyar – home to the Periyar Wildlife Reserve, Munnar – the tea plantation haven, Kumarakom – backwater paradise.


  • Kochi - Wake up early to head out towards a fisherman village. Start by observing small auctions conducted on the roadside of the haul brought in by independent fishermen and then proceed to the harbor to observe the bigger fish auctions.
  • Kochi - A visit to a local farmhouse located on the coastal belt. Enjoy a hot homecooked breakfast and later roam around the village exploring coir workshops that brings in an alternative income to housewives, matchstick factories, beetle leaf & nut plantations.
  • Kochi – explore the timeless vibe of the heritage towns of Fort Kochi & Mattancherry.
  • Kochi – enjoy an elaborate cooking demonstration to learn about the rich South Indian cuisine.
  • Kochi – Observe a Kathakali artist meticulously applying the elaborate make-up prior to the dance performance.
  • Visit Paradesi Synagogue and two other lesser known synagogues. This is an interesting Jewish heritage tour taking you through the lesser known history of Kochi.
  • Kumarakom – Enjoy a lovely backwaters cruise onboard a traditional rice houseboat.
  • Kumarakom – Help locals at a paddy field or spend a couple of blissful hours on a handmade kayak fishing.
  • Periyar – Visit a spice plantation and rubber plantation.
  • Periyar – Spend a couple of hours interacting with elephants who are trained to participate at temple functions and are worshipped by locals. Participate in their feeding and bathing rituals.
  • Periyar – Engage in a number of jungle activities like walks inside the protected forest, jeep safaris and boat safari inside the Periyar Wildlife Reserve.
  • Munnar – The tea plantation haven! We recommend a visit to Kulukumalai, which is the highest tea plantation in South-East Asia.
  • Munnar – This is the gateway to some of the best hiking routes in South India. You can choose from a multitude of routes, each promising a panoramic view of the gorgeous Munnar valley. Popular routes are Letchmi Hills, Chokkarmudi Trek, Top Valley Trek.
  • Munnar – Well maintained and traffic free roads allow for the best opportunity to go cycling on the hills.
  • Munnar – Treat your senses with a relaxing tea tasting visit to a local estate.