Goa is a lush green haven on the coastal belt of India. Situated on the coastline recognized as Konkan Coast, Goa is a minute state with a big heart. Goa was liberated from the Portuguese regime in December 19, 1961. Needless to say, Goa has a heavy Portuguese influence in its cultural background. With scenic coastal belts and lush green inland surroundings, the slow rhythm of Goa is easy to adapt. You have a variety of attractions to choose from, mesmerizing beaches, slow lazy lagoons, historic churches, vintage bungalows and fragrant spice and cashew plantations.


  • It is always a delight to visit local markets on coastal village. Margao market is the best of the lot.
  • Go fort hopping. The seaside haven was an important citadel for the Portuguese stronghold, and they build some spectacular forts to protect their fronts. Visit Fort Aquada and its lighthouse, Chapora Fort with its natural valley to the beach, Cabo De Rama said to be the oldest fort in Goa and Fort Tiracol which is accessible only by a ferry which affords gorgeous views of the surroundings.
  • A visit to the Latin Quarter is a must! Here you can visit some of the old homes built by Portuguese traders and merchants. Many of the families still speak the old tongue. Head to Chandor in South Goa and visit Braganza House. Also visit Quepem to visit Palácio do Deão.
  • Bakery hopping at the Latin Quarter, these melt in your mouth baked goods are worth a shout out.
  • Spice plantations for a traditional tour of the land that ends in scrumptious meal.
  • If you have some days to spare, then head inland from the coast and trek to Dudhsagar Falls.
  • Visit to the Butterfly Conservatory at Ponda, a blissful experience to learn more about these colorful creatures.
  • Go on a crab-catching excursion. One needs plenty of patience, but don’t worry the scenic views of the Goan backwaters and the seaside makes up for this time-consuming task.
  • If you extend your stay, then we highly recommend an island-hopping tour. Get on local ferries and visit small island with even smaller villages. You can spend the whole day cycling through lush paddy fields and gorging on baked goods from local bakeries.
  • Work an appetite kayaking through the blissful backwater channels crisscrossing Goan countryside.