The golden city of Punjab, Amritsar is home to Sri Harmandir Sahib also known as Golden Temple. It is also the mecca of fantastic Punjabi cuisine. Going back into history, Amritsar also saw the birth of one of the fiercest movements to overthrow the colonization rule. The crazy streets of Amritsar are where the history of this iconic city was born. There is a story behind every alley and by-lane we cross and a legend to every monument we visit.


  • Volunteer at Golden Temple, it is one of the most humbling experiences to lend a hand at the open kitchen at the temple compound that feeds over 30,000 people in a single day.
  • Experience at the Palki Sahib ceremony at Golden Temple
  • Amritsar offers one of the best opportunities to enjoy a food tour, as this city takes its food seriously!
  • Visit to Wagah border to watch the ceremonial gate closing performed by Indian Army and the Pakistan Army. Amritsar lies close to the India and Pakistan border in the north-west.
  • Amritsar is a treasure trove of hand-made shoes and fine embroidery. Do explore shops to observe artisans at work making Jutis (hand made shoes) and Phulkari embroidery.