Mumbai is a stunning mix of diversity. A true melting pot of contemporary India, this is one fast paced city which never sleeps. South Mumbai is a well-preserved catalogue of colonial era architecture, posh neighborhoods, iconic pubs & eateries accompanied by the gentle breeze of the ocean. Central Mumbai takes a page out of Darwin’s theory – a true test of survival of the fittest. One of the best ways to explore Mumbai is by following the path the natives take during their routine.


  • Dabbawalla's Trail, Dharavi Tour and Dhobi Ghat Visit - when in Mumbai it is a must to cover trifecta of these cultural JOURNEYS.
  • Early morning visit to Sassoon Dock. It is worth an early wake up call to visit the dock despite the overwhelming fishy smell. The hustle and bustle here are one of the true highlights of Mumbai.
  • A leisurely ferry cruise to Elephanta Cave Island. Enjoy snapping pictures of the monkeys who inhabit the stone-cut temples here, it’s a scene right out of the video game “Temple Run”!
  • Pub-hopping at South Mumbai. Enjoy your poison at two of the most famous pubs of Mumbai – Café Mondegar and Café Leopold. Mix these two with a couple of more trendy outlets dotting South Mumbai.
  • If you can spare an extra day, we recommend to Kanheri Caves. Located within Sanjay Gandhi National Park, this site has more than hundred rock-cut caves with Buddhist motifs and sculptures.
  • Visit Crawford Market and Choz Bazaar. Both these markets are iconic to Mumbai, with histories dating back over 150 years. They've stood the test of time and continue to be at the center of Mumbai's diverse identity.
  • Reconstruct the gripping account of Mumbai as shown by author Gregory David Roberts in his gripping chronicle Shantaram.